dApps features

dApps features

If you're interested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, you've probably heard of DApps, or decentralized applications. But what exactly are these applications, and what are their features?

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Features of a dApp

There are several key characteristics that define a DApp, including:

Open Source

A DApp must be open source, which means its source code should be publicly available for anyone to verify and audit.


A DApp must be decentralized, meaning there is no single point of failure. It should run on a distributed network of computers, where each node in the network has a copy of the blockchain.



A DApp should have an incentive system that motivates users to contribute to the network. This is often achieved through rewards in cryptocurrencies or tokens.


A DApp should have a native token that is used for transactions within the platform. This token can be used to pay transaction fees, reward users, and even vote on community decisions.


DApps are an important part of the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. They offer a decentralized and censorship-resistant alternative to centralized applications. By understanding the core characteristics of a DApp, you can better evaluate the platforms and projects emerging in the market.

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